2021-05-27 07:17:37

Why do Restaurants need to use Digital Menu Instead of Paper

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We are the generation of home bakers, that believes in uploading a story on Instagram and wondering which food would speak highly of them. It’s not just about taste anymore, but about service, elegance, and the elite class tag. Trust me nothing screams old fashion than a paper menu unless your theme is tradition but who has time to change the entire theme when they can simply switch to a Digital menu.

A restaurant's or any dining establishment's taste and quality of food are frequently remembered. What we often overlook is the fact that the type of menu you offer is the reason a person might want to visit your restaurant in the first place. The menu is a customer's first point of contact, must create an impact. Customers in restaurants do not read ‘the menu,' but rather scan it quickly. According to a new survey, 86% of consumers are unsure whether to order inside a restaurant due to a lack of detail on the menu and this is what differentiates a digital menu from a paper menu.  


Restaurant menus may be digitized for a variety of reasons. Not only does it make the menu available on all devices - from PCs to tablets and smartphones - but since digitized menus can be modified quickly and easily, the majority of patrons can view the updated menu and order the most recent food offerings, resulting in an increase in business. Is paper menus becoming more of a burden in our fast-paced world, where almost all is affected by the rate of technological change? Let’s talk about the limitations of paper menus that can be resolved by digital menus:

  • There is no real-time data and updates are slow: It's impossible to keep your paper menus up to date with your new offerings or unavailable products in real-time. No one wants to keep things on the menu that aren't selling, but changing the menu takes time and money. If a customer's preferred dish is unavailable, they will be frustrated and will require another 5 minutes to make a decision which is one of the biggest disadvantages of paper menus. This problem can simply be solved by switching to digital menus.
  • Paper acting as a perishable good:  The restaurant is unable to keep the paper menu absolutely free of water or oil stains.  An oil-stain menu looks much unprofessional than a freshly printed menu. Restaurants, on the other hand, cannot fully shield the paper menu from water, food, mischievous children, or normal wear and tear. The Paper is very delicate hence digital menu is the right choice.
  • It's difficult to keep a customer's focus: According to OpenTable research, 86 percent of customers regularly check out menus online before dining out. Customers in restaurants do not “read” paper menus; instead, they scan them so what is even the point of it. By providing a digital menu we can benefit both the restaurant and the customer
  • Expensive and time-consuming: The average restaurant prints its menu three times per year, resulting in high printing costs. Furthermore, designing, approving, and printing the menu takes time. Rather than being a benefit, menu costs become a liability. This cost can simply be reduced by the Digital menu.

Having read all the limitations, one shouldn’t wait to switch to the Digital menu and the best third party to approach is Digimenu. Digimenu is not just a digital menu but a platform that transforms your restaurant business. From digital menus through QR Codes to payment gateway, Digimenu provides all in one contactless solution. Now, don’t wait, switch to the Digital menu from paper menus with Digimenu.