2021-04-20 07:10:35

Restaurent QR Menu

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Good food releases serotonin in the body, which directly reflects the mind state. People with decreased serotonin metabolites, such as 5-hydroxy indole acetic acid are more likely to commit suicide. We need more serotonin already as the world is planning against us. A pandemic, strict. You were preparing for western winds and out of now here, there are eastern winds. Why not find happiness in freshly baked butter bread? Food makes the world a better and beautiful place. Look at a pizza slice with all the cheese dripping. A thin crust cooked precisely to make it a little crispy. With smoky pizza sauce evenly spread along with our famous toppings. Freshly served with herbs and flakes for just a sidekick. It’s neither spicy nor sweet, it’s creamy with all the cheese which keeps dripping from your chin. It’s an art, with all its perfection. It leaves you mesmerized with it’s after taste and that lingering smell. Did you know that you cannot overcook mushrooms? Or did you know human DNA’s are 70 percent the same as bananas? Like all these amazing facts you might also not be aware of the Digimenu, it’s kind of your personal menu. With Digimenu you can order food without a menu, it is your contactless dining solution. We all have had that time where we were too shy to ask for a menu, digimenu solves it. No more stuttering, no need to learn how to pronounce cappuccino. Why do we have to make our life tough? When it can be really easy. Digital ordering has led to a 300% rise since 2014. Digimenu is a new era, especially with Covid. It just not minimizes the social contract but also saves time. Digimenu provides us with a platform where you can increase your business and reach a new potential. It helps you increase your sales and escalate customer satisfaction, which we all are aware is the essence of a good business. Its inbuild software enables QR ordering, saving your time and giving you an opportunity to remove the hassles of ordering. Other features include the simple and easy interface similar to most popular delivery apps making it easy for the guest to use, No download of any app required. When the guest scans the QR Code a link pops up on the browser removing all the inconvenience caused by the physical menu. Requesting food straightforwardly has never been simpler for your clients. Our across the board QR Menu arrangement can be moved up to empower online food conveyance by means of your site or web-based media handles. Ideal for brisk help café, booth/stands, takeout or food conveyance through requesting site. Begin selling your food on the web, get food orders, acknowledge portable installment, your café on the web. We make it simpler to take installments. Cell phones currently have an inherent QR code scanner making this online menu requesting arrangement an ideal online food requesting framework. Our administration framework has an easy-to-use interface which permits you to make a QR code picture that can be effortlessly perused by any QR code peruser giving you a perfect contactless dining solution. The reports show that 81% of the population owns a smartphone, showcasing the vast growth of the digital world. Technology has been at our fingertips and it’s time we use it for good. With the pandemic in hand, it’s a handy thing and would make a huge significance in the upcoming time. Let’s look for the positive side of technology and learn how to live with a pandemic. Digimenu is the contactless dining solution especially with the current time where contactless is the new normal.