2021-04-29 02:27:06


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New generations have their own set of laws. More than half of your customers choose to order online, and more than a third want to pay by phone in your restaurant. Using the right technology for digital ordering increases visit frequency and ticket sizes by up to 30%. From ordering food online to getting the grocery shopping done, everything has an app so why shouldn’t you have a restaurant menu app? People's access to food information and awareness is changing. More educational knowledge about food can enter customers via various social media channels, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Some people may choose dining in while others would gladly roll up in the comfort of their fuzzy blanket and order food. As a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to provide the customer with the best of service. Now the question arises how? especially at a time when contactless is the only solution. The answer is as simple as Digimenu. A restaurant menu app is not just a fancy technology but a need with the shift in times. Because of young people expressing themselves through food, our food has changed dramatically in the last ten years, affecting every aspect of the food system. With this change, you also need to change how you operate your restaurant business hence arises the need for Digimenu.


The use of digital food and beverage ads will skyrocket in the coming years. The average restaurant owner spends more than 10 hours a day making sure their establishment runs smoothly. The majority of the time is spent on mundane activities that are necessary to keep the company running but don't accomplish anything else. This not only affects the strategy but also revenue for one is stuck in the loop doing the unnecessary thing. As a restaurant owner, your plan should be to enhance productivity, which can only be done by accepting help. This is when Digimenu comes into the picture. Digimenu is not just a restaurant menu app, but your one-stop solution to success. Here are a few of the ways by which you can grow your business with Digimenu.
Allow customers to place orders ahead of time or directly from their phones using your powerful restaurant menu app.
Table service, delivery, and takeout are all possible with our food ordering apps.
Connect a lucrative revenue source to your restaurant by offering delivery and takeout options.
Our drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to create your menu and add, delete, or modify items as required.
It's difficult to convert one-time diners into regulars. It is, however, the secret to increasing the sales of your restaurant. Via automated tagging, automation makes this time-consuming task easier by allowing the staff to know everything about a guest from the moment they book their first reservation (such as their interests, spending habits, and previous visit). Digimenu auto-tags guests in the background based on a customized collection of requirements that you monitor, ensuring that guest information is always up to date and allowing your staff to have a highly personalized guest experience.


Food satisfaction is a feeling of well-being resulting from the fulfillment of a natural instinct. The superiority of eating pleasure over all other types of pleasure is self-evident, as it is linked to more long-term and essential needs, spanning the entire life cycle, from breastfeeding at the mother's breast to death. Eating is one form of happiness that is everlasting but imagine an app the speeds up the entire process. Digimenu is hence not just a restaurant menu app but a happiness app. In light of the urgent need for contactless, both contactless dining solutions and digital menu cards are equally relevant. Food can now be ordered via mobile phones using Digimenu, a digital menu; there is no need for a person to come and take your order.
To increase sales and inspire your brand, consider digitizing your menu. Your clients' decision-making will be aided by a modern menu and detailed content. You can publish your menu in any foreign language for your international customers. In these extraordinary times, it is not only time-saving but also healthy and hygienic. One must look for a better way to not only protect their restaurant but also their livelihood hence Digimenu is there for your aid.