2021-04-29 02:39:28

Restaurant Table Ordering

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The COVID crisis has ushered in a new era of table technology. Restaurants have been reluctant to embrace new technology in the past, but the past year has prompted them to look for ways to keep their employees and customers healthy. As hospitality businesses return to in-venue operation, online ordering apps have become a common alternative. Restaurants and pubs are being encouraged by the government to adopt table service. Restaurant table ordering is the new technology suitable for it. Not only is table ordering convenient but also cost-effective especially at such unpredictable times. One needs to adapt to the changes, the changes brought by COVID are here for the long run. You cannot take chances because the restaurant industry is the one that is going to get hit the hardest. The need for restaurant table order is here and one needs to consider the options.
Many table-ordering apps are native apps, and the concept of having a branded app can be appealing to businesses. Customers, on the other hand, could find requesting app downloads annoying, as they will not want an app dedicated to a single pub or restaurant. For businesses where speed is critical, such as cafes, bars, or quick-service restaurants, app downloads add an extra layer of resistance. Food establishments such as bars, restaurants, and pubs may use the Digimenu table ordering app for iOS and Android to enable customers with an iPhone or Android phone to order food and drinks to their table without leaving their seats. It is the best option in the market that can be a game-changer for your restaurant business.



Let’s admit the fact that we cannot go back to the lifestyle of pre-Covid be it work from home or ordering online. Our ways of functioning have changed and the paranoia followed by losing our loved ones still remains. Hence you need to look for a way and shift to Digimenu, here are a few of the reasons for you to choose restaurant table ordering for your business
Your waiters will take orders both online and offline with the Digimenu restaurant order-taking app. As soon as the app has a secure internet connection, these orders are synced with Digimenu. Furthermore, when switching networks, none of the activities are interrupted or halted.
Whether it's modifiers or special requests, this order-taking app allows waiters to meticulously record each order and send it to the kitchen. As a result, deliveries become error-free. It also displays the current status of the dine-in area and order queue in real-time. As a result, waiters are able to complete the necessary action for each table. Furthermore, even the takeaways are done with care.

By adding, removing, and changing the variables, waiters may change orders and menu items. They can handle discounts at the order stage, extra costs, and a variety of other item operations.

You do away with the old pen-and-paper system and have quick service. Additionally, the waiters have access to their entire schedule, resulting in fewer mistakes and quicker deliveries. As a result, you have great guest service.



A digital menu is a form of table ordering app. Customers can shop and pay online from their mobile, which reduces face-to-face communication. They have cut down on popular areas like menus and card machines. Restaurant table ordering apps often keep consumers from queuing up at the bar to place and collect orders by allowing them to do so from the comfort of their own tables. If you're on your own and don't want to risk your seat, or if you don't want to bring a huge tray of drinks back through a crowded bar, the Digimenu app is ideal.
One of the biggest challenges of a business is to retain customers. As per the research 86% of the customers with great purchase experiences will likely buy from the same company again. This highlights the fact that customer satisfaction is the key to success, hence you need a system. Digimenu is a commission-free online ordering system that suits your brand, not anyone else's. We've put together everything you'll need to accept orders from a variety of sources for your restaurant. It is unique and solves not just provide restaurant table ordering service but many integrated solutions. One shouldn’t second guess on something as brilliant as Digimenu, reach out to us for we are here to help you through.