2021-04-20 07:07:34

Restaurant Contactless Ordering

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 Speaking about food, the very first idea which hits in our mind would be restaurants, and thanks to this pandemic which is going on called CORONA has made everyone's life like hell.

Earlier, whenever someone use to feel hungry, the most comfortable option was to go to any restaurant and order some food over there with the help of menu cards, which is placed on the table.

But as CORONA has hit us hard, everyone is thinking about their safety first, which is a wise decision after all, that's why they are killing their hunger for eating something delicious, something which is really mouth watery.

As these problems are arising because of the disposable menu cards so we have decided to launch our new brand called DIGIMENU, which will help to place your order digitally. The process is really simple; you have to follow these simple steps, which are mentioned below:


Step 1:Scan the QR code.

Step 2:Place your order.

And it's done………


Our main aim of launching this brand is safety of customers. on the other hand, as this is entirely online process, it brings more advantages to it additional then the safety of consumers. Some of it's benefits are listed below:

1)It is less time-consuming.

2)No need for a waiter to place your order.

3)Enhance the customer experience.

4)Provides discount coupons from time to time.

5)Automatically changes done on the menu according to the seasons.

6)Restaurants will force no extra charges.

7)It creates a more memorable experience.

8)It is convenient and easy to use.

9)It can be a good marketing strategy to advertise the newly added dishes on the menu. 

10)It can build stronger relationships with customers as they can connect with them virtually.

So because of the reasons which are listed above, our company thought of introducing our brand in the market called DIGIMENU, which helps the customer to place their order safely.