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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has now spread around the world, and the hospitality industry will definitely take some time to recover. It is well known that coronavirus can be transmitted by contacting infected surfaces. This puts businesses like yours in a unique position, since the majority of the surface is shared by various people every day. Although cleaning and disinfecting tables and bars is a good start, menus are still something people need and share. So, how do you prevent customers from exchanging physical menus with one another? The solution is straightforward: simply replace the menu with a QR Code

Replacing physical menu cards from the QR code menu generator is preferably the new normal.

Restaurants also had to create new policies and procedures in order to reopen after COVID-19 in order to fulfil reopening criteria while still keeping their diners and workers secure. The transition from physical to contactless menus is one of the most visible improvements for restaurants. Through a QR Code menu generator, Customers can scan QR codes on contactless menus using their mobile camera, which will take them to an online digital menu where they can browse food and drink options. These contactless menus are typically small table-top postcards in restaurants. This eliminates the need for physical menus, making the experience safer for all parties involved.


It has always been a top priority for you to look after your customers' health and safety. As a member of the foodservice industry, digital menus and QR Code restaurant ordering are a must-have to ensure that the establishment complies with the current social distancing and hygiene regulations. Digimenu’s QR Code menu generator provides you with various other advantages, here are some of the benefits of using a QR code for your restaurant business:

  • Go paperless to save money on printing.

Instead of printing a large number of paper menus, why not print a few QR Codes that your customers can quickly scan? You'll save money on printing costs by creating a QR Code for your restaurant menu because QR Codes use less ink and space to print on.

  • Customers can have contactless menu access.

Another advantage of having a QR Code for your restaurant menu is that your customers can easily scan it and display it on their smartphones while remaining healthy. Customers should stop touching physical menus that could include germs and viruses when COVID-19 is still on the loose. Simply position the QR Code in an easily accessible location, such as table tents, windows, or even on your phone.

  • Trackable and editable

If the advantages aren't enough to persuade you, consider this: the Dynamic version of the Restaurant Menu QR Code can be changed as the menu changes, even after it has been printed. This saves a lot of time and stress when it comes to reprinting. Furthermore, every time anyone scans your QR Code, their location, time scanned, and even operating device are all trackable.

  • To keep your employees healthy, limit contact.

It's not just the clients you have to worry about; your employees are also at risk of contracting the disease when serving dine-in customers. Your employees will no longer have to hand in physical menus or clarify specials by placing a QR Code on the table or on the wall where it can be quickly scanned by your customers. You are free to provide as many details as you want.


Since the COVID lockout, the QR Code menu or digital menu has become a must-have for cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotels. Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming dinners, brunches, and coffee breaks. Digimenu is the simplest way to make your clients and employees feel comfortable by showing your dedication to social distance planning and protection. Digimenu is not just a QR Code menu generator but offers many other options for instance it will make it easy for your customers to choose how long their products will be made, what ingredients will be used, and what allergen and calorie details will be included. Further options include:

  • Update product details quickly and easily.
  • Customers can delete ingredients from their orders, and they can add additional ingredients to their orders.
  • Customers may personalize their meals or beverages when placing their orders.
  • Display details about your products' allergens.

Our user-friendly and simple-to-understand web console makes creating a digital tablet menu simple and convenient. You can configure your electronic display menu at any time and distribute it through several devices in seconds. Before COVID-19, there were digital menus with QR codes, but they were not commonly used. Since COVID, most restaurants have rushed to implement a new tool to assist them in creating a contactless-menu experience that will keep their establishment secure. Now, don’t wait any longer for we have a perfect app that is Digimneu to help you out.