2021-04-29 02:17:57


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All is going according to plan one minute, and then the whole world comes crashing down the next. All it takes is a single button press to turn the world upside down. It's impossible to predict what will happen. Nobody predicted a pandemic and look at us now one year later, still stuck between four walls. One might think that they have figured out their life but one can never be sure. Similar is the scene when it comes to business, one cannot expect it to remain the same, after all the inevitably of change is the only constant. One needs to move with the changing time and the time for the restaurant business is to go digital. Digital menu for restaurants is the new normal with people choosing contactless.
Indians enjoy food, according to a recent survey by market analyst Ipsos, and ordering in or dining out is yet another excuse to avoid cooking and try new cuisines. But the taste bud is not only the major concern anymore, it is health. With the COVID one simply takes factors like hygiene rather than going blindly and putting anything in their mouth. It would be thoughtless to think that it would be okay after the pandemic for as humans it will calve a strong-rooted fear so what is the solution? DIGITAL. The internet got us through lockdown be it entertainment or studies or office. Similarly, the internet is providing us the opportunity through digital menu cards with Digimenu. Digimenu is the one-stop solution to dining problems be it digital menu cards or multi-language support, it has got you covered for a lifetime.
Restaurants depend on getting customers together to make a profit. The food and beverage industry was brought to its knees, to say the least, because social distancing is the only way to flatten the Covid-19 curve. However, the time has come, and the restaurant is still open. It's only available online which is why you need a digital menu or Digimenu to make your service as contactless as possible. Digimenu is not just a digital menu for restaurants but a lifesaver at a time when technology is everything. A restaurant needs Dgimenu for it is a need and a restaurant market cannot stay alive for long without going online. One needs to move along with the world, for they will be left behind. Some features of Digimenu that one cannot resist include:
Accept orders through Instagram and Facebook: On average a person spends 2.5 hours surviving through social media which signifies the huge market present on apps like Instagram and Facebook. Digimenu understands the algorithm and thus made it possible for your customers to order through these apps.
Reduces customers waiting time: We all are so engraved in our own world that we hardly have time. When we have time we waste it on waiting, we all have been in that situation. Hence, Digimenu’s digital menu for restaurants helps you order beforehand and reduces customer’s waiting time.
Increases sales by making recommendations when placing an order: Our brain is more interested in what other people are doing than in what it is doing. The recommendations provided by digimenu accomplish this and assist your customers in making informed decisions. This is beneficial not only in terms of human psychology but also in terms of customer satisfaction, resulting in increased sales by providing feedback when placing an order.

Having come this far, you don’t want anything that tampers with the growth of your restaurant. Thus one needs to switch to a digital menu for restaurants to avoid that from happening. Digimenu is the stage that furnishes you with a contactless feasting arrangement. Digimenu is a computerized café card that has become something of a necessity for all gatherings. Any business should acclimate to better approaches for serving the necessities of their clients over the long haul. Albeit outside suppliers for web-based requesting can be costly, Digimenu has an internet requesting framework for your site and application that effectively incorporates with your foundation and permits you to oversee them yourself.
The Digimenu diners will actually want to encounter the whole menu on their cell phones, including the amount served, taste, and presence of the dish, dispensing with the requirement for help or exhortation from representatives while putting in a request. It assists with expanding deals by making a positive impression on the personalities of purchasers. As a restaurant owner, you shouldn’t be second-guessing about this opportunity for it is as good as it gets. A digital menu for restaurants is the new normal and is here to change the dining experience forever.