Impact of pandemic on food&beverages industry

 2021-10-05 04:26:46

Contactless ordering system for restaurants

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If food was a person, its profession would be a therapist. Food has healing power. It can build relationships, get people close and give them a point to bond upon. A mental breakdown can be met by healthy food. The nutrition and protein heal up chaotic fuss. Along with food, a pleasing place to eat contributes greatly in untangling knotted threads of thoughts.

A restaurant is an epitome of food’s therapy clinic. Every restaurant is built with a different ambiance. The eye-pleasing ambiance alongside satisfied tastebuds has therapeutic power. People can choose a restaurant according to their aesthetic and have a peaceful meal. Especially for the ones, who are food lovers, this food therapy works like a miracle.

Impact of pandemic on food&beverages industry

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, when everything got shut and everyone was asked to stay home, it became difficult to get food therapy. People could not step out of their homes and were stuck as coronavirus went haunting around the world. After a while, when things got in a bit of control, every industry started opening up except for food and beverages industry. This is because, it was impossible to maintain distance while dining in the restaurants. The paper-menu revolves around the restaurant making it difficult to lessen the contact. The waiter came in contact with the customers to take their orders. Also, the payment method made it hard to maintain social contact.

This is where technology came to the rescue once again. We are well aware of the beneficial tactics of QR code system. This system spread faster than coronavirus in the world. Here is the revelation of the technology. Introducing, DigiMenu – contactless ordering system for restaurants.



What is a Digital Menu for Restaurants?


A digital menu is the digitized version of paper-menu. It comes in the form of a QR code. This code, when scanned, directs the customers to the menu of the restaurant they are sitting in. Once the customer selects what he wants to order, he is directed to a page where he can add direction or instructions to cook. Above that, the customer can also make payment online through tremendous payment options available on the directed page.

One tiny little code summarized more than half the work in the restaurants. Digital menu has made contactless ordering system for restaurant possible as the technology has taken over human resources.

The pandemic may have affected the food&beverages industry harshly. But, technology, as always, came to the rescue and saved the sinking industry.

How to get a digital menu for restaurant?

One must be wondering as to how much does a digital menu cost? Or how to firstly get a digital menu? How long will it take to get a digital menu. Well, here you’ll clear your head altogether.

DigiMenu is a free website to digitize menu in four easy and quick steps. Yes, you have read it right. You are four steps away from not only restarting you restaurant but also growing with the blink of an eye.

The four steps involved are as follows:


  • Browse for DigiMenu website.
  • Click on “get started”.
  • Fill up your details and the restaurant information.
  • Wait for us to verify your business.


Once verified, you are officially a digital menu holder. You can install it in your restaurant as soon as you get the QR code. Replace the paper-menu with digital menu for a forever success and growth of your restaurant.

How does Digital Menu help in the Growth of Restaurant?

The digital menu helps in various ways for the growth of restaurant.


  •  It is a replacement for human resources, therefore, reduced expenses.
  •  Online ordering gives access to customer details which can be used to improve     marketing strategy.
  •  You can keep a track of customer’s choices and preferences through online ordering.   Hence, it can be used to customize the menu or decide special meals for the day.
  •  Quick and smooth service will attract more customers and hence leading to the growth   of the restaurant.


Technology never disappoints us with its miracles. It is us who need to understand the exact use and the value of it. The world is full of possibilities due to technology. Dynamic thinking will take you higher on the ladder of your success.